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Intelligent remote control-product functions
Home Control Service Scope:
Home Control
Response Function Keys
TV, Air-conditioner, lamp control, hanging fan, curtain, player, DVD, MOD, Karaoke, Menu, Customized
Function Introduction
1.A home appliances control device that can manage up to 6 appliances of the
   same type located in different locations
2.Users can control appliances directly by entering the home appliance control
    page from the main TV screen control page
3.Users can select home appliance by entering the home appliance control page
4.Users need only press a few buttons to command control of all home
   appliances connected to the remote control
5.For customized settings, users can self-set and name control commands and
    appliance names
TV Shopping:
Response Function Keys
Shopping 1, Western TV 2, Local Movies 3, Knowledge & Education 4, Financial News 5, News 6, Sports 7, Children 8, Variety 9, Others 100, Satellite 0, Japan, Numbers, Genres.
Function Introduction
1.Users can select TV program based on genre or channel numbers
2.Users can use the remote control to receive TV program information and shopping
    information while watching TV
3.Remote controls can provide value-added TV program list and program content
4.Users can view information on shopping bargains and important news via news      ticker
5.Users can watch TV while receiving shopping bargains information on the remote     control screen
6.Users can easily and convenient search, book, purchase and pay for TV shopping
7.Users simply need to press the purchase button on the remote control screen and     be immediately provided purchase information and procedures
8.After purchase, the intelligent remote control will inform user of successful     transaction and then seek confirmation on delivery information.
Network Service Scope:
Online Shopping
Response Function Keys
JOIGO, Food, Clothes, Stay, Travel, Education, Entertainment, Stock Exchange, Value Added Services, Others
Function Introduction
1.Press the JOIGO key at the bottom of the remote control to activate Internet function
2.Surf the web via wireless modules
3.The service platform will be categorized according to the different service providers     and advertisements, consumers can self-select which type of information to be     displayed on the remote control. Users can watch TV and order food at the same     time, while paying for the food directly with their credit cards via a secure platform.     This kind of life is definitely convenient and hassle-free!
Stock Exchange RSS Feed Function:
Expand Single-Stock Information Display
1.You will be immediately updated on your desired stock price information
2.You will be able to select up to 80 different stocks for RSS feed display
3.You can expand on the display for a single stock
4.You can decide on the stock brokers you want to work with and be able to     communicate with them via the remote control
5.Dynamic ticker to provide the most updated information
6.You will be provided with value-added services such as updates from stock     analysts or enjoy member benefits.
Self-Select RSS Price Display
1.Enter stock option via the JOIGO key
2.User can continue to watch stock exchange RSS feeds even if he or she
    switches to TV watching mode
3.Self-selected stocks/single stock display can be switched by just pressing the
    touch screen control