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Hometouch Co., Ltd. was established on July 19th, 2007. In the beginning, the company business goals were to develop automatic testing equipment, automation solutions and equipment, computer peripheral devices, and electronic materials.
With advancements in technology, the rapid development of the digital industry and onset of opportunities from the coming century, we transformed our ideas into golden eggs. We turned cheap electronic components (which cost as much as a chicken egg) into expensive products and services which are irreplaceable by our competitors. We unleashed our creativity and maximized our expertise to closely follow the dynamic network and information lifestyle pace. We incorporated technology into our everyday lives, we have combined home control, network connectivity, and TV interaction to develop the touch screen “Multimedia Intelligent Multifunctional Remote Control”. For this device, we have applied for development patents from countries such as the Republic of China, Mainland China, USA, Japan, South Korea, the European Union, etc. In 2009, we received our patent certifications and through unceasing R&D, the industry acknowledged our products’ superiority and we rolled out the “Wi-Fi Multimedia Remote Control & Interactive TV Shopping Platform Concept”. We also approached many intellectual property bureaus and countries with our idea of the “Interactive Multimedia Remote Control TV Shopping, Online Shopping with Credit Card Payment Function Usage Methods” and other ideas as well. As a result, we received several patent certifications from our inventions. Our immediate goal is to successfully incorporate the latest technology advancements in digital, information, and network services.
In today’s competitive times, technological innovation is the root and foundation of every technology company, while customer service is the tree leaf. The business direction of Hometouch Co., Ltd. is to balance the need for unparalleled technological innovation while at the same time achieving consistently high customer satisfaction. Price-competitive products will continue to be an integral part of our business, but we will also place emphasis on our services and sales quality so that our products will continue to be differentiated from our competitors’ products. We will also expand our distribution channels to generate greater revenue. We will follow the footsteps of mobile phone manufacturers. Their revenue no longer depends on single mobile phone sale, profit from post-sale services are often several times higher than the mobile phone itself. This strategy enables us to seek new profit channels and become the most competitive company in the industry.
Our “Interactive Intelligent Remote Control” integrates cross industry services (i.e. lifestyle and technology), our goal is clear- we want to be the one to lead the industry, be the first to observe upcoming business trends, realize our digital home application blue map by combining elements such as practicability, convenience, product worthiness, etc, into our services. To sustain our goals and meet future consumer needs, while maintaining the company’s long-term strengths and competitiveness, we will continue to expand on our “Interactive Remote Control Services”. We foresee that the upcoming century will demand more innovative services and products and our “Wi-Fi Multimedia Remote Control and Interactive TV Shopping Platform” blue print will no doubt be our star strategy. We will continue to invest a significant amount of resources and be aggressive in applying for patents in more countries. We have silently and dedicatedly worked hard to achieve our current success, for the sake of a more beautiful tomorrow, Hometouch will strive and seek new opportunities!